u lucky he holdin me back bitch 


u lucky he holdin me back bitch 

Hamatora in Prince Animage Spring2014


* Hamatora mild spoilers

* Right now Hamatora pain suddenly started again ;_; maybe because I suddenly worked too hard reblogging so many hamatora posts so please understand my English and sentences well ;_;

Thanks to murasaki4you, I succeeded in buying Prince Animage Spring2014 :)

I never knew there’s Hamatora even with that NICE pin-up poster in this magazine because the official twitter has never mentioned it I think -_- If I were not in tumblr and didn’t see the post, I must have missed this like forever…They have always advertised Hamatora article would be in which magazine and showed a bit in advance(or retweet them), so I wonder what happened to them, as they’re even not mentioning a bit about season2…maybe just so busy right now? I don’t know, so I stop here. Sorry.

I drop the pin-up poster because the link above is much better ;)

Articles are tilted like this.


I thought this was all, so I was surprised to see the next pages.


These are an interview of Osaka Ryota (Nice) and Hatano Wataru (Murasaki). AND even more behind some pages…


…Art alone :0 because “Police man of love”(thanks murasaki4you) is the theme of this part in this magazine :)

All articles definitely include the final episode 12. Since I basically cannot read Japanese, I almost know nothing about the contents ;_; but I can say in the last Art page, the hair color in episode 12 is definitely different from all the other scenes…and things of “Art likes sweets” are mentioned more than 3 times I think LOL



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yeah another redux edit ikr. this is my first theme/edit thing, and is pretty much made to customize!! basically everything you would want to edit is changeable from the customization scree!. it features

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i tried to label the options as clearly as possible, but there are a lot of them :o if confusion arises, feel free to ask about whatever you’re having a problem with!


Favorite Characters In No Particular Order {2/?}
Andy Hinomiya

藤宮さん | 兎目 


藤宮さん | 兎目 




Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

i hate lower pain pain. bless this.

dat lower pain pain

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